Inlay Bowls

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     Inlay uses natural and/or man-made materials to add colorful accents or patterns to turned wood pieces.  Natural materials that can be used in inlay include the minerals calcite, malachite, turquoise, lapis and chrysocolla.  Items such as abalone, coral and paua shell can also be used.  Man-made materials such as Corian, Inlace, resin and metal dust can be used to produce colors not readily available in natural materials.  These materials are placed in natural voids in the wood or in grooves cut into the wood and then sanded smooth to produce unique results.

(click on photo for larger image)

Bowl     $45

Inlay: green swirls in white resin


5.25" diameter, 2.25" tall

Bowl    $70

Inlay: Chrysocolla


9.25" diameter, 2" tall

  Bowl     $60

Inlay: resin in the wood voids

Pacific Madrone burl

6.25" diameter, 3.25" tall

Bowl    $50

7.25" diameter, 3" tall

Inlay: Blue and white Corian


Bowl     $50

Inlay: Swirled orange, red and yellow resin


6.5" diameter, 2.25" tall

Stave bowl with rearing horse    $70

Inlay: resin


7" diameter, 4.25" tall

Stave bowl with rim inlay 1   $60

Inlay:  crushed Corian


7" diameter, 3.75" tall

Stave bowl with rim inlay 2   $65

Inaly: resin

Maple with dark wood accents

7.5" diameter, 3.75" tall


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